If You’re Looking for Financial Support For Abortion Care:
National Abortion Federation Hotline Fund - 1 (800) 772-9100
National Network of Abortion Funds -

The first stop for anyone who is pregnant and seeking an abortion. It will give you the closest legal clinic based on your age, gestational point in pregnancy, and type of abortion you are looking for, as well as any restrictions that may be in place there. 
Abortionfunds.orgBest resource for finding local organizations either because you are seeking funding or assistance, or because you are looking to volunteer or otherwise get involved. Entities are broken down by state in the "Need Assistance?" page.
Ifwhenhow.orgLegal resources, contacts and even bail support for anyone who might be questioned about having tried to obtain an illegal abortion, regardless of whether that person did in fact attempt to manage one or was simply having a pregnancy complication but accused anyway.

PlanC.orgInformational page for a variety of sources for obtaining abortion medication, including legal providers, overseas delivery options and alternative sources.
Mahotline.orgResource line for phone or text support for someone managing an abortion or experiencing a miscarriage. This organization will provide tips, answer questions and help someone evaluate if they are experiencing a true complication that would need medical followup in order to mitigate the likelihood of visiting an emergency room and risking legal action.
It is now a clearinghouse for finding endless information about abortion, contraception, reproduction, sexual health, trans health and more.

ORGANIZATIONS  YOU CAN GET INVOLVED INAbortion Care NetworkAbortion Access Front All Above All Shout Your Abortion We TestifyBedsider
If you are pregnant and live in a state where abortion is legal, you can obtain medication by telemed in most states by contacting: Carafem, Whole Women's Health, Planned Parenthood, HeyJane, JustthePill, Abortionondemand and Choix.

If you are in a legal state and want to obtain medication prior to getting pregnant to have on hand, you can get that through Choix or
If you are in a state where abortion is illegal, the only place that will send pills by mail is

How To Vote
How to Vote is your guide to everything you need to know to register and vote in your state. If you have a question about participating in elections, you’ll find the answer here.